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Every second phone call I get customers ask me what is the success rate and what guarantee is there of harvesting the game animal they are looking at, well here is our guarantee (Raptor Ridge hunts guarantee to provide customers with a genuine opportunity to harvest the type of game animal they have booked for, our guides will guide you to an opportunity for a shot - however the shot placement is up to you, we will provide a replacement hunt if the guide does not show you the game animal that you have booked, " The covanent on the guarantee is that you are fit and capable to carry out the hunt" ) Our success rate to date is 100%, read what our customers are saying about us on our Testimonials page

Big heavy red stags taken in 2019 and 2020 season

Booking 2021 Rusa hunts,  Big Bob with wife Lois from Pensylvania USA  took this gold medal Rusa in June 2019


Col Alison  Sporting Shooter column The Trophy Room - Raptor Ridge feature

2021 Hunt Special Sub 200DS Fallow Buck Training hunt $1800, includes Capeing demo and skull preparation 

Success - Our success to date has been 100% based on an opportunity to put every hunter in a position to harvest his or her animal.

Below is the result of some of our successful hunters Grd Father, Grd Son and Father Son teams 2019  massive trophies, fallow and red stag


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Guided Hunting with Raptor Ridge Hunts is our number one activity, we specialise in harvesting all species Wild Deer, Goat, Boar, Ram, Buffalo and Banteng. Most of our Deer, Goat, Ram and Boar hunting is carried out on our own exclusive property we also offer  Chital  hunts on other properties and our Buffalo/Banteng hunts are carried out throughout the NT in several locations both private and Aboriginal land.

Raptor Ridge Ranch itself is 8000 acres Southern NSW in upland tableland country dominated by open forests, wilderness creek systems and native grasslands. Exceptional harvesting of World Class European Fallow, Jarvan Rusa and Giant Pannonian Eastern European Red Stag, also Snowy Mtn Ram, 3 Colored Rams, Boar and Spanish Goat. We also have concessions for Hog Deer, Chital Axis and Sambar, Small game and fishing no charge when you book a guided big game hunt. Trophy hunts 1X1 guide $450 per day minimum 3 days plus harvest fees.
Call Steve to discuss a hunt on the largest Buffalo and Banteng in the world. Clean that .416 Rigby or .460 Double for the trip of a lifetime, NT or Qld Wild Boar and spectacular fishing also available. Minimum 5 day hunts
All hunts with Raptor Ridge are fully guided with first class accommodation and meals included. Skinning , meat quartering and caring for your skins and antlers etc is all part of the service.
Please download our Killing Zone information before you hunt, tips on where to place your shot for ethical hunting.
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Above are our videos of  Red Stag, Rusa, Fallow, Buffalo Banteng hunts

Part 1 Hunting Season                                              Part 2  Hunting Season
Contact Steve on  Mob +61 409800633

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Steve Isaacs
Mark Isaacs

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Contact Steve on  Mob +61 409800633
 Season : Our hunting season for Deer and Goats is from mid Feb to July. Buffalo/ Banteng May to October.

Climate : Deer hunts Temp Night 0 to 5 deg C, Days 8 to 27 deg C, Buffalo 25 to 33 deg

Clothing : Cotton shirts and trousers, warm jacket for early mornings and afternoons, peak cap, good walking boots. Sunscreen, sun glasses will be handy.

Firearm : RRR can provide a choice of three rifles for small to medium game, 30/06, 300Win Mag and a 300Weatherby Mag. Should you bring your own firearm we recommend an adjustable power scope 3-9 power, a synthetic sling, 40 rounds of ammunition. Minimum calibre for Trophy Fallow, Rusa, Goats .270Win , Min for Red Stag .308W (165grn proj). Buffalo and Banteng .375H&H using bullets suitable for killing the animals you are persuing, no exceptions.

Firearm  Licences : If you are a resident of Australia you will need a firearms lisence and a registered firearm, if you are arriving from another country we will assist with documents to use a firearm.

  • Note: Raptor Ridge is one of only a few Guide Outfitters in NSW with an Overseas Safari Outfitters Licence to guide overseas Rifle Hunters in NSW, as an overseas visitor you cannot pass Customs with your own firearm in NSW or hunt with a firearm in NSW unless you hunt with a registered Safari Outfitter.
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