Eco Tour Hunts

Eco Hunting and fishing, 1 day hunts from $500 per person, includes lunch
We  specialize in Eco Hunting, you don't need a firearm or a Bow, our guides will take you and your family on a hunt to Harvest a wild deer, wild goat, rabbit or Trout & Yellow belly. Our professional guides are trained to demonstrate the value of hunting and fishing and the sustainable use of these game animals.

As part of your Eco Tour you will be given the opportunity to take home fresh meat.

Harvesting a wild animal you will experience the thrill of the stalk and gain senses and experiences that are unimaginable. The guide will teach you how game is managed and the way our great grand fathers secured there meat for the table. A warning though this is real hunting and success is assured, clean kills demonstrate that animals harvested in the wild live there life naturally to the last mouthful of grass and you will be satisfied that the animal you are eating cannot be more organic.

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